Sa okasyon ng iyong pagtatapos sa hayskul

Arao, D. A. (2007, April 11-17). Sa okasyon ng iyong pagtatapos sa hayskul. Pinoy Weekly, 6 (13), p. 5. This may be retrieved from

Pinoy Weekly | Konteksto (kolum ni Danilo A. Arao)Pinoy Weekly OnlineAs was the case in some past column articles, I opted to use the second person point of view in writing an essay that is addressed to specific people (in this case, high school graduates) but which others can relate to.

Aside from presenting selected data on the profile of college graduates that I retrieved from the website of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), I also included my dealings with students who had varying attitudes regarding the courses they took.

Due to space constraints, I did not include anymore what I went through in high school and how I ended up earning a baccalaureate degree in Journalism even if I initially hated writing. My experience would have been an interesting read but it’s a very long story which I think would be better reserved for another column.

For now, I hope you will take time to read this column/personal letter to a high school graduate. Ah, high school memories!

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