IMPORTANT! Beware of a fake Friendster account under my name

I know that the surname Arao is not exclusive to my clan and neither is it confined to the Bicol region.

But I still find it strange that there is a “danny arao” account on Friendster that was made in June 2005, or four months after The Probe Team Documentaries (then on ABC 5) and WomanTalk (DWIZ) featured the Friendster-inspired love story of Joy and I.

This particular “danny arao” claims to be male, 37 years old (a year younger than I) and married. The account holder is described as “”makulit pero mabait.tahimik pero magulo,madaling magalit pero pacensyoso…” (“persistent but kind, quiet but rowdy, hotheaded but patient”).

Even if this account is almost two years old, the said “danny arao” only has nine first-degree friends, one of whom is a friend of one of my 235 first-degree friends. As of this writing, the account states that there are “no recent updates” which means that the account holder has not logged in for quite some time.

There are no pictures of the account holder in the Photos section. In fact, the person’s primary photo is a baby inside a toilet taking a leak. What proves to be equally disconcerting is a photo testimonial of a half-naked man holding his you-may-already-know-what with a message “Thanks for the add.”

It’s only now that I was made aware of this account when I tried doing a search query of my name on Friendster.

For the record, the URL of my Friendster account is If you want to check out the fake one, please type “danny arao” on Friendster’s search box.

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Beware of a fake Friendster account under my name”

  1. hmmm…. malay mo, fan mo sir! i remember doing something like that back in college (but, mind you, it was not a danny arao account!). hehe.

    Reply: Baka nga tagahanga. I’m sure that what you did in college was inherently “atomic.” Ha ha. At least I know that the guy who caught your fancy (assuming we’re referring to the same person) was not irritated by your actions. Right now, I have a mixed feeling of indifference and anger for what this impostor did.

  2. We have to very careful nowdays dahil maraming nagkalat na scammers sa net. Now target nila social networking sites especially friendster and myspace…so beware….!


    Reply: Thanks for your comment. Yes, we really have to be careful and immediately expose cases of identify theft. Nice website, by the way. Cheers!

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