`Pls Keep the Door Close’ and other (forgivable?) funny signs

N.B. – This was published in Asian Correspondent (July 28, 7:00 a.m.) where I write a column (Philippine Fantasy).

There’s an old saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. How does this relate to our first funny sign?


Obviously, we now have a new saying: Keep the door close, and the windows closer. If it’s any consolation, the person who wrote the sign is respectful as he or she used the word “please.”

If you find this mistake forgivable, you wouldn’t find anything wrong with our next sign, right?


On one hand, it’s good to know that priority service is being given to pregnant women…and only ONE senior citizen!

For this popular motorcycle sales and service center, there is clearly a missing “s” somewhere in the three words that begin with the same letter.


Let’s take a closer look to be sure.


You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to know that a motorcycle would sometimes need several spare parts. I should know. My wife and I own a Honda!

Anyway, enough of the missing characters. Let’s now analyze the case of a missing space. I just can’t help but “freeze” the TV screen when I saw this promotion of a popular series imported from the U.S.


Can’t see what’s wrong? Allow me to zoom in for you.


Yes, the correct term is “every day.” I already explained in a previous post the difference between “every day” and “everyday.”

Now, if what we saw on television is a curious case of a missing space, would you like to see the baffling case of a missing driveway?


What’s wrong with this sign? You may only know if we zoom out this time.


Clearly, a driveway is defined as a road leading to a house. Do you see any? The house is clearly along a road! How can a person prohibit parking on a driveway when there is clearly none? In this particular case, a simple “No parking” sign will do.

Do you think these mistakes are forgivable? Feel free to comment.

More funny signs next week. Thank you for reading!

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