(UPDATED signatories) Statement of Support from Concerned UP CMC Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students for the Protesting Contractual Employees of Media Organizations

N.B. – This statement on the issue of contractualization in selected media organizations is signed by 16 concerned faculty members, 9 staff, 9 alumni and 315 students (including 9 non-CMC students who are members of CMC-based student organizations) led by UP CMC Dean Roland Tolentino.

Statement of Support from Concerned UP CMC Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students for the Protesting Contractual Employees of Media Organizations

December 17, 2014

The concerned faculty, staff, alumni and students of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (CMC) express their concern over the employment arrangements in selected media organizations where the contractual workers receive little or no benefits and, most of all, lack job security.

The 1987 Constitution  clearly states that workers “shall be entitled to security of tenure, humane conditions of work, and a living wage.” The provision is clearly premised on the State providing “full protection to labor, local and overseas, organized and unorganized, and (promoting) full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all” (Sec. 3, Art. XIII).

We cannot ignore injustice in the workplace, particularly in the media sector, as part of the College’s vision and mission is to develop a “media that is socially responsible, critical and vigilant” and to “provide the critical voice that promotes and safeguards the freedom and independence, and responsibility of media.” It is clear that lack of job security seriously affects the media workers’ efforts to promote and uphold freedom of the press.

In the case of GMA Network, UP CMC has at least 21 alumni (mostly Broadcast Communication and Journalism degree holders) who are members of the Talents Association of GMA (TAG), the organization that filed with the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) a complaint against GMA Network. Unless they are regularized, at least 118 GMA “talents” (as of December 15, 2014) will be jobless.

Since its establishment in 1965 (initially as an institute), UP CMC has taught the highest standards of professionalism and ethics among its students. The concerned UP CMC faculty and staff expect the alumni to fight for their rights whenever they feel exploited and oppressed. As many of its alumni from various media organizations have made known to some of the College officials and faculty members their sorry plight, we cannot afford to stay silent lest we tolerate such injustice.

Consistent with the constitutional provisions protecting the rights of workers, the Supreme Court already ruled that there is an employer-employee relationship between the management and the contractual workers in the news and public affairs unit who are called “talents” (ABS-CBN vs Nazareno et al., September 26, 2006). In another case, the SC also showed the necessity and indispensability of “talents” serving for at least two years to the operations of a media organization (CBS vs Oberio et al., June 8, 2007). The SC also decided in the past that the continuity of contractual arrangements makes a worker a regular employee (Murillo vs Court of Appeals and ABC, June 8, 2007).

In this context, the concerned UP CMC faculty, staff, alumni and students call on all media organizations to review its employment arrangements, hopefully with the objective of ending contractualization as all employees will be entitled to the benefits provided by law like security of tenure and 13th month pay. Many UP CMC graduates occupy senior management positions in media organizations, and we expect them to find a win-win solution to the issue of contractualization.

Indeed, our graduates in particular and media workers in general deserve to be treated better given their contribution to the shaping of public opinion.


Dr. Roland B. Tolentino, Dean
Prof. Danilo A. Arao, Associate Dean
Prof. Evelyn O. Katigbak, College Secretary
Prof. Roehl L. Jamon, Director, UPFI
Prof. Lucia P. Tangi, Chair, Department of Journalism

Prof. Luis V. Teodoro

Broadcast Communication Department
Dr. Elizabeth Enriquez
Prof. Rosa Maria T. Feliciano
Ms. Ivy A. Claudio

UP Film Institute
Prof. Sari Raissa Ll. Dalena
Prof. Eduardo Lejano Jr.
Prof. Shirley Evidente
Prof. Mark David McKeown

Graduate Studies
Dr. Clarissa David

Carlo Pangilinan
Johnathan Rondina

Jamela Tolentino
Janette Pamaylaon
Gina Villegas
Israel Bufete
Marianita P. Cinco
Rosalita S. Burlat
Rhonald D. Juanillo
Lyka Mari C. Napiñas
Irene B. Sia

Beata Regina U. Carolino, BA Journalism
Jaerold Marc D. Ramos – MAMS BC/GSA, President
Marie Pauline Requesto, BA Broadcast Communication
John Benedict Opinion, BA Broadcast Communication
Edmer C. Maguan, BA Communication Research
Ma. Ria Bernadette V. Tagle, BA Broadcast Communication
Kris Ciel Enriquez, BA Broadcast Communication
Kenneth James Whelheem A. Gasara, BA Broadcast Communication
Ivy Dianne J. Olivan, BA Communication Research
John Dominic E. Rodriguez, BA Communication Research
Josiah Gil Z. Hiponia, BA Film
Patricia Denise A. Singson, BA Film
Dale V. Calanog, BA Journalism
Patricia Isabel O. Gloria, BA Journalism
Ronna Chris Lapada, BA Communication Research
Ciarra Lynn L. Collado, BA Broadcast Communication
Erl Chak Navalta, BA Broadcast Communication
Janelle C. Dilao, BA Journalism
Marcelo E. Casillan IV, BA Broadcast Communication
Simone Martine Marie Q. Dimalibot, BA Broadcast Communication
April Katherine Margarette M. Damo, BA Broadcast Communication
Alyanna Cecilia O. Heramia, BA Broadcast Communication
Shain Bianca C. Epanag, BA Broadcast Communication
Maria Almira V. Abril, BA Broadcast Communication
Dwight Angelo L. De Leon, BA Broadcast Communication
Gene Paolo D. Gumagay, BA Broadcast Communication
Justine Dunvy M. Mallare, BA Broadcast Communication
Alfred Jerome R. Orejana, BA Broadcast Communication
Joanne F. de Leon, BA Broadcast Communication
Ricial Claire N. Dilig, BA Broadcast Communication
Manuel Benjamin R. San Mateo, BA Broadcast Communication
Dessa Lou A. Tope, BA Broadcast Communication
Joanna Marie G. Robles, BA Film
Carla Marie J. Manalo, BA Film
Jean Cheryl D. Tagyamon, BA Film
Alvin Nicholas A. Francisco, BA Film
Katrina May B. Banaag, BA Film
Ramon Alberto L. Garilao, BA Film
Josef Dielle P. Gacutan, BA Film
Tanya Odile B. Macapagal, BA Film
Denjamyr Angelo B. Aliño, BA Film
Rom Trishtan T. Perez, BA Film
Jan Karlo C. Ynion, BA FIlm
Pauli Arielle B. Roa, BA Broadcast Communication
Isabel Maria Luz M. Quesada, BA Film
Hazel Marie C. Tan, BA Film
David G. Quiambao, BA Film
Janine Maniego, BA Film
Chadwick Jollymar T. de Guzman, BA Film
Patricia Angeli G. Damaso, BA Film
Juan Alfredo S. Calayan, BA Broadcast Communication
Veejay V. Calutan, BA Journalism
Erianne O. Du, BA Journalism
Jonalisa Nichole S. Flores, BA Journalism
Honey Hazel N. Alemania, BA Broadcast Communication
Guia Jolina B. Peralta, BA Broadcast Communication
Brainard Bill B. Barrinuevo, BA Film
Gert Rino M. Mansos, BA Film
Erika Rae M. Cruz, BA Broadcast Communication
Marian D. Manalese, BA Broadcast Communication
Hannah Melizza A. Paguila, BA Broadcast Communication
Ian Carlo Estares, BA Journalism
Angela Ysabel C. Lustre, BA Journalism
Maria Abigail A. Jamias, BA Broadcast Communication
Eliza Pauline R. Batac, BA Broadcast Communication
Margaret Marie P. Montelibano, BA Broadcast Communication
Yna MArei Aguilar, BA Broadcast Communication
Abigal Q. Lagarico, BA Film
Louise Anne G. Oblena, BA Broadcast Communication
Shane Claudine F. David, BA Broadcast Communication
Adana D. C. Sales, BA Broadcast Communication
Jhesset Thrina O. Enano, BA Journalism
Lia Gabrielle A. Ballesteros, BA Journalism
Erianne Anjela S. Salazar, BA Broadcast Communication
Gabriel E. Abeleda, BA Broadcast Communication
Meryl Louise T. Brown, BA Journalism
Aila Patricia L. Mendoza, BA Broadcast Communication
Ian Angelo B. Panganiban, BA Broadcast Communication
Denise Layla P. Miram, BA Broadcast Communication
Summer F. Bastian, BA Film
Mark Conrad C. Salvador, BA Journalism
Cathleen Mae C. Luteria, BA Broadcast Communication
Maria Gillian Chris P. Salvador, BA Broadcast Communication
Anna Patricia S. Coronel, BA Broadcast Communication
Juan Miguel A. Tolentino, BA Journalism
Maria Isa T. Cruz, BA Film
Azl Cedric P. Lopez, BA Film
Catherine A. Sanchez, BA Film
Alyana Lea Carmela P. Cabral, BA Journalism
Gelina Rose G. Bongon, BA Communication Research
Bryan Ezra C. Gonzales, BA Journalism
Reiou Regie Manuel, BA Broadcast Communication
Marianne B. Royulada, BA Broadcast Communication
Earl John M. Orio, BA Broadcast Communication
Sean Paolo L. Mediavillo, BA Communication Research
Froilan Victor Tan Bacungan Jr., BA Journalism
Estephanie Hidalgo, BA Broadcast Communication
Rose Maurelle Alfonso; BA Film
Patricia Ann Pamintuan, BA Film
Kevin Pangilinan, BA Communication Research
Luigi Renzo Naval, BA Journalism
Scarlette Lynne Gayo, BA Journalism
Pauline Dominique Caparas, BA Journalism
Gino Lorenzo Estella, BA Journalism
John Benedict Baquilod, BA Broadcast Communication
Andrea Arianna Andres, BA Film
Arvin Carlo Sicat, BA Broadcast Communication
Jeremy Luke Bolatag, BA Film
Shaira Bluza, BA Communication Research
Lei Lenny Bernardino, BA Broadcast Communication
Rio Angela Bola, BA Communication Research
Gabrielle Anne Endona, BA Journalism
Charmaine A. Guillermo, BA Broadcast Communication
Allison Laxamana, BA Communication Research
Andrea Jobelle Adan, BA Journalism
Denver Del Rosario, BA Journalism
Jesse David Doctor, BA Communication Research
Deniel Uezono, BA Communication Research
Claudine Keith V. Regino, BA Broadcast Communication
Maria Sofia L. Yangzon, BA Broadcast Communication
Noelle Louise Gutierrez, BA Film
Ethel Camille P. Manzano, BA Film
Bernadette Anne T. Manlongat, BA Film
Isabella R. Encarnacion, BA Film
Alanis Zoe T. Magbanua, BA Film
Eunice Lei S. Wu, BA Journalism
Beatriz M. Zamora BA Journalism
Maria Luisa O. Morales, BA Journalism
Shernielyn C. Dela Cruz, BA Journalism
Angielyn N. Silvestre. BA Communication Research
Ritzchelle C. Belenzo, BA Journalism
Mary Rovielyn V. Artuz, BA Communication Research
Maurisse Ezra de Guzman, BA FIlm
Mica Patricia V. Flores, BA Broadcast Communication
Peter Lawrence Escobar, BA Broadcast Communication
Estelle M. Gwee, BA Broadcast Communication
Marie Alyssa R. Divina, BA Journalism
Revy Hrizon V. Marata, BA Film
Maria Carmela N. Perez, BA Film
Odelinne Jan Lina, BA Journalism
China F. Gabriel, BA Broadcast Communication
Neil Clark C. Manuel, BA Broadcast Communication
Angelica A. de Leon, BA Broadcast Communication
Reggie Brix L. Espejo, BA Broadcast Communication
Meeko Angela R. Camba, BA Journalism
Pamela Renee C. Reyes, BA Communication Research
John Louise A. Guevara, BA Broadcast Communication
Kristian Karlo P. Vitug, BA Journalism
Mary Nicole T. Fabian, BA Communication Research
Charlotte D. Furigay, BA Journalism
Armiegel C Abejar, BA Broadcast Communication
Julia Danielle L. Maaño, BA Journalism
Cloie Anne S. Sioson, BA Journalism
Shiely Anne O. Julian, BA Film
Regine Danina B. Cruz, BA Broadcast Communication
Renielle Erika A. Medina, BA Communication Research
Justine Reine G. Jamelo, BA Broadcast Communication
Isabella Marie G. Alcañeses, BA Broadcast Communication
Michelle Anne G. Mendoza, BA Broadcast Communication
Jean Mariz E Liwag, BA Broadcast Communication
Czekaina Esrah A. Rapanot, BA Communication Research
Mary Therese C. Fernandez, BA Broadcast Communication
Mia France S. Capio, BA Broadcast Communication
Christian Jessie Desoloc, BA Journalism
Maryjo Bernadette P. Evora, BA Film
Inna Angelie L. Carlos, BA Broadcast Communication
Dave M. Guino, BA Broadcast Communication
Nicole Anne G. Arguillo, BA Broadcast Communication
Francis Jasper F. Fulgar, BA Journalism
Hannah Francesca L. Serote, BA Broadcast Communication
Mia Trixia Ella O. Tejada, BA Broadcast Communication
Grazelle Nicole I. Ruiz, BA Film
Annecy Cherie P. Bautista, BA Film
Paul Omer S. Bicol, BA Broadcast Communication
Kristelle J. Laguda, BA Film
Elaine Joy D. Tolentino, BA Broadcast Communication
Lily Grace A. Tabanera, BA Broadcast Communication
Jian Carlo Robedillo, BA Broadcast Communication
Roxanne D. Paredes, BA Journalism
Miguel Alvaro L. Karaan, BA Broadcast Communication
John Remil P. Isaga, BA Journalism
Maverick Russel A. Flores, BA Journalism
Shara Lein May C. Cayetano, BA Journalism
Denise A. Valdez, BA Journalism
Myra A. Cabujat, BA Journalism
Erwin S. Colcol, BA Journalism
Jenele Grace V. Mane, BA Journalism
Danica M. Uy, BA Journalism
Adrian Kenneth Z. Gutlay, BA Journalism
Maria Nicole Q. Cortez, BA Journalism
Yvette B. Morales, BA Journalism
Camille A. Aguinaldo, BA Journalism
Pathricia Ann V. Roxas, BA Journalism
Gabrielle B. Alberto, BA Communication Research
Thea Kharina I. Mostrales, BA Journalism
Amanda Isabelle R. Lingao, BA Journalism
Raphael U. Rayco, BA Journalism
Pauline Claire Macaraeg, BA Journalism
Karen Ann A. Macalalad, BA Journalism
John Reczon E. Calay, BA Journalism
Mikhaela B. Dimpas, BA Journalism
Micah Angela M. Nazal, BA Journalism
Danielle Mae V. Isaac, BA Journalism
Celine Isabelle B. Samson, BA Journalism
Czer Mari H. Esquejo, BA Journalism
Patricia Isabel O. Gloria, BA Journalism
Grazielle L. Chua, BA Journalism
Anna Jenica D. Bacud, BA Journalism
Samantha Z. Beltran, BA Journalism
Maegan C. Gaspar, BA Journalism
Kevyn Kirsten Cagney M. Tapnio, BA Journalism
Anton C. Onato, BA Journalism
Clarist Mae C. Zablan, BA Journalism
Micah Joy C. Yap, BA Film
Eunice Francesca M. Elazegui, BA Communication Research
Mary Joy L. Fernandez, BA Journalism
Regine R. Villanueva, BA Communication Research
Ana Coritha Desamparado, MA Broadcast Communication
Michelle Rose F. Lim, BA Broadcast Communication
Divine Marie Joanne P. Endriga, BA Broadcast Communication
Jasmine Q. Afuang, BA Journalism
Karryl Faye D. Katigbak, BA Broadcast Communication
Nadine Janessa C. Bunao, BA Communication Research
Lourdes Niñamarie Janreleth D. Nuñez, BA Film
Fatima Marie M. Centeno, BA Film
Quennie C. Aguirre, BA Film
Xzydaelle Ronald Dumabok, BA Film
Joanna Ellina S. Reyes, BA Broadcast Communication
Reynald Russel Santos, BA Broadcast Communication
Antonne Rafael C. Santiago, BA Film
Marika Daphne D. Esplana BA Film
Christine Joy D. Catalon, BA Film
Maria Regina T. Lopez, BA Communication Research
Bernadette U. Alegre, BA Broadcast Communication
Kristine J. Pineda, BA Communication Research
Nicole Agatha R. Cruz, BA Journalism
Ylexis Kyle-Michael R. Rualo, BA Journalism
Beatrice Anne D. Malveda, BA Journalism
Maria Raiza G. Javier, BA Journalism
Anna Victoria G. Biala, BA Journalism
Marie Ernileth S. Uy, BA Journalism
Verlie Q. Retulin, BA Journalism
Thomas Benjamin B. Roca, BA Journalism
Arianne Christian G. Tapao, BA Journalism
Charmaine T. Ycasas, BA Broadcast Communication
Justine Alyssa A. Siscar, BS Communication Research
Krysten Mariann Boado, BA Journalism
Myrnelle Cinco, BA Communication Research
Rafael DC. Magat, BA Film
Angel Palpal-latoc, BA Journalism
Mary Josephine Andrea A. Geronimo, BA Journalism
Isabella Danielle G. Quililan, BA Communication Research
Rebecca Tan, BA Broadcast Communication
Jamie Lyn F. Loristo, BA Communication Research
Jessica Marie Yadao, BA Communication Research
Justine Mamburam, BA Communication Research
Julie Ann Olino Guevarra, BA Communication Research
Maria Carmela F. Sison, BA Communication Research
Sheena Marie T. Concepcion, BA Communication Research
Ena Razaele L. Taguiam, BA Communication Research
Regine R. Villanueva, BA Communication Research
Alyssa Marie B. Poyaoan, BA Communication Research
Gabrielle Ann A. Aranton, BA Communication Research
Bianca Nicole C. Urrutia, BA Communication Research
Mark Vincent L. Sing, BA Communication Research
Jan Deo H. Mendoza, BA Communication Research
Myrnelle A. Cinco, BA Communication Research
Antonio Luis G. Go, BA Communication Research
Marion Nicole A. Manalo, BA Communication Research
Marlina Louise S. Carlos, BA Communication Research
Mariam Jayne M. Agonos, BA Communication Research
Alyzza Louise Dg. Morelos , BA Communication Research
Russel Rence V. Calidguid, BA Journalism
Alyanna Cecilia O. Heramia, BA Broadcast Communication
Shain Bianca C. Epanag, BA Broadcast Communication
Maria Almira V. Abril, BA Broadcast Communication
Dwight Angelo L. De Leon, BA Broadcast Communication
Gene Paolo D. Gumagay, BA Broadcast Communication
Justine Dunvy M. Mallare, BA Broadcast Communication
Alfred Jerome R. Orejana, BA Broadcast Communication
Joanne F. de Leon BA Broadcast Communication
Ricial Claire N. Dilig, BA Broadcast Communication
Manuel Benjamin R. San Mateo IV, BA Broadcast Communication
Dessa Lou A. Tope, BA Broadcast Communication
Ma. Clarisa Lituania, BA Broadcast Communication
Kristine Noelle SJ Lerios, BA Broadcast Communication
Nickolo Meynard D. Domingo, BA Broadcast Communication
Ma. Shari Niña G. Oliquino, BA Broadcast Communication
Jomari Alejandro III A. Herrera, BA Broadcast Communication
Frances Louise M. Ronquillo, BA Broadcast Communication
Faye Margarette L. Tallow, BA Broadcast Communication
Paula Mae F. De La Fuente, BA Broadcast Communication
Fritz Joseph T. Abarca, BA Broadcast Communication
Senina Joy D. Mojica, BA Broadcast Communication
Rose Ann E. Solo, BA Broadcast Communication
Miriam Therese P. Pulanco, BA Broadcast Communication
Kathrina Anne Z. Berbano, BA Broadcast Communication
Enrico Miguel R Dizon, BA Broadcast Communication
Andrea Denisse F. Mascuñana, BA Broadcast Communication
Rizza Marie S. Edu, BA Journalism
Alyssa P. Viquiera, BA Communication Research
Yasmeen Ingrid L. Lim, BA Broadcast Communication
Cathrina Jane E. Maulion, BA Journalism
Marc Stanley I. Mozo, BA Broadcast Communication
Angelica O. Uy, BA Broadcast Communication
Justine Anjanique P. Jordan, BA Journalism

Joel Paolo C. Salvador, B Secondary Ed (SpEd-Math)
Sophia Margarita A. Casaclang, BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management
Femina Margaret B. Mateo, B Sports Science
Krystianne Angelica D. Gaffud, CFA Industrial Design
Julian B. Bato, BS Chemical Engineering
Paul R. Quiaño, BFA Industrial Design
Erika Isabel Yague, BS Community Dev’t
Dominika C. Dizon, CFA Industrial Design
Mariel Jeline A. Jose BS Metallurgical Engineering

Hannah Dormido
Clang Ilagan
Luis Adrian Hidalgo
Gail Orduna
Ramil de Jesus
Sara Jamel Bangayan
Leonora Patricia de Guzman
Roleen Camille M. Delos Reyes
Mary Bridget Ardelle A. Co

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