More funny signs from all over the Philippines

Our first sign is found in a popular park in Baguio City. My wife and I, newly married at that time, were forced to leave immediately.


When we went shopping in Cubao, we noticed this sign prominently displayed near a mall’s entrance. Whoever approved the final copy of this ad should assess his or her career options. Okay, let’s focus on the text below so that you would know what’s wrong.


I’m sure you know that my “funny signs” project is nothing new, and that there are people who do a better job at it. Searching the Net for signs much funnier than what I have, I downloaded the following pictures from the Philippine Online Photo Gallery.

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

Can somebody please teach me how to park a car or a motorcycle vertically in the absence of a vertical parking tower? Does this involve any lifting or freewheeling?

The errors in the following signs are self-explanatory. Right?

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery
Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

This one, however, can be a beat tricky. Read carefully, please!

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

Now, don’t you feel good that you’re Asian? Next time, be aware of what you eat, especially if the food is imported.

Reading all these grammatically challenged signs in English makes you think that we’re better off composing signs in Filipino. Think again!

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

In the same way that there exists “carabao English,” there is really such a thing as “Barok Filipino.”

Then again, even if one’s Filipino isn’t Barok, you should make an effort to compose your sentences by observing proper syntax, among others. Otherwise you’ll come up with something badly written. Or even morbid like this one.

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

Yes, you may be angry and frustrated, but try to be sober in your language. Lest you want people to laugh at your ordeal, please calm down whenever you’re writing something.

Now, this next sign is funny not because of grammatical lapses. It’s the name of the shop that strikes me. What is the nature of business of this establishment? I want to know.

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

Never knew until now that the future can be sold. But given the kind of leaders we have, you could say that this has been done already, bereft of any warning signs.

Looking at the streamer below, you are made aware of the organizer of the event. Don’t you notice anything wrong with the name of the organization?

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

In case you can’t clearly see what KIDS stand for, it’s “Kaisahan sa Unang Distrito ng Sambayanan.” Wow! Forget the Senate and the House of Representatives! Politicians should aspire to head the sambayanan (citizenry), even if it’s just the first district (wherever that is). By the way, is this organization promoting federalism? Is there a new division in the Philippines that we should know about?

Oh, well. Just like the previous sign, there is nothing ungrammatical about the sign below that’s posted prominently near the entrance of a church. I actually want to commend whoever thought of this sign for not just being funny, but also being witty.

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

I guess the parish priest knows that there are people who have a different way of interpreting answers to their prayers. Isn’t that pragmatic? Anyway, I hope I’m not accused of being a heretic just because I find the sign below hilarious. Hope I’m forgiven if I find the “holy” part very funny.

Courtesy of Philippine Online Photo Gallery

Yes, I do know that drugs could be legal. But in this part of the planet, you’re aware that the generic term “drug” (“droga” in Filipino) is used to refer to an illegal substance like marijuana and shabu.

That’s all I have for this installment of Funny Signs. As a matter of professional courtesy, I should end by encouraging you to visit the Philippine Online Photo Gallery. Thank you for reading!

26 thoughts on “More funny signs from all over the Philippines”

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  2. OMGosh. These pictures made me laugh my lungs out!

    how about:
    I told you not to do and you still to do!
    Do not touch the wet water.
    You’re such a laughable!

    Reply: Thanks for your comment. As I promised Ashley, there are more funny signs to come. Just let me finish computing grades first. All the best!

  3. OHH!!! Man All The People in the philippines are so crazy…..

    Reply: Thanks for the comment, but I think not all of us Filipinos are “crazy.” Some of us are, especially our government officials. All the best!

  4. your captions are too serious and insulting… it would be funnier if you put funny replies for the signs on your captions…

    Reply: Thank you for your constructive criticism. I will keep your suggestion in mind when I write another installment of funny signs.

    I just want to stress that what’s “serious and insulting” for you may be witty and non-offensive for others, at least based on the feedback I’ve gotten so far. At any rate, you are entitled to your opinion and I truly appreciate your feedback. All the best!

  5. is that sign about pickpockets is the church in baclaran? LOL very creative. i want to share one of my funny signs too, check the link for my mini compilation :D

    Reply: Thanks for sharing! The signs you have are also very funny. All the best!

  6. Palamuut ang iyong mga jokes meaning: your’e jokes are funny.

    Reply: Maraming salamat! Comments like yours motivate me to post more “Funny Signs.” More to come, I promise. All the best!

  7. LOL. cute naman nito?
    I really laughed out loud while looking at these signs. funny. funny. funny. :)

    Reply: Thanks! All the best!

  8. Haha! Ang saya naman basahin nito! Laugh-Out-Loud Moment talaga… Sigi lang… Maghanap ka pa! Ang saya kaya! HAHA! Okay… I appreciate this sooo / super much! Wow… Ang galing lang kasi eh ang dami mong nakita mga sign na talaga namang nakakatawa! XD

  9. You shouldn’t be so condescending towards your compatriots. It’s not like your English is exactly stellar either.

    Reply: Thank you for your comment. I’m not being condescending, and I’m sorry if you think that way. The objective of the “funny signs” project is to remind ourselves of the nuances of grammar, both in English and in Filipino. I’d like to think that I’m entitled to approach it in a humorous manner, in the same way that you’re entitled to your opinion about my English (despite your failure to provide evidence). Again, thank you and I wish you all the best.

  10. meron ka bang mga pics ng sarisari store/bakery yung tagalog iningles, nabasa ko sa panorama – pedro makabuhay – peter mclife

    Sagot: Wala po. Pero magandang ideya…

  11. I do not find the English signs very funny at all. In fact, they are all very irritating to the eyes. I just don’t know why people would take pride on these stupidity and ignorance and laugh it all off. Ignorance is not to be taken lightly and MUST be corrected right away instead of being laughed at. And if it is being tolerated, then people who tolerate it are more stupid than those who made mistakes. Please stop bastardizing the English language.

    Reply: Thank you for your comment. That’s the purpose of this project: To rectify errors in grammar, syntax and diction by exposing these “funny” signs. While the latter are laughed at, rest assured that the posts in the “Funny Signs” project do not explicitly or implicitly tolerate mistakes in the use of Filipino and English languages. Again, thank you and I wish you all the best.

  12. pwede ba, hwag nating pagtawanan sa halip ay tutulung tayo sa pamagitan ng ‘suggestions’ … hindi nila yan ginawa para pagtawanan… YAN BA ANG UGALING PINOY? ….PLEASE respitohin natin ang bawat isa … MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS

    Sagot: Hindi maiiwasang maging “katawa-tawa” ang maling balarila kapag naisapubliko. Bahagi ng kritisismo sa midya (media criticism) ang paglalahad ng kamalian. Dito po natin dapat tingnan ang respeto dahil alam nating maiwawasto pa ang mga anumang mali: Kung wala pong elemento ng respeto, pababayaan na lang ang mga ito. Salamat at mabuhay po kayo.

  13. GOOD JOB! :)) Everything is really funny except for the vertical parking. I don’t get what’s wrong with the signage ’cause vertical parking means parking bumper to tail instead of side by side.

    Reply: Thank you for the feedback. The context of being “funny” could be cultural: In the Philippines, we’re not used to using the term “Vertical Parking.” All the best!

  14. Hey, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But I love it, I don’t take it too serious. It really made my day just reading them.Kind of missed home all of a sudden.

  15. OMG! It’s hilarious! especially the “answer” to their prayers thingy. Btw, those sign made me laugh so hard. Good Job! Oh, would u mind if I copy some of those signs for my Homework? Well, these are the signs I need for my English class. Thanks and great Job!

    Reply: Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to cite these signs but please provide proper attribution. Thank you.

  16. I am an undergraduate college student and i am having a research study about Errors on Signages in the Philippines, with all due respect, can you help me out to find a related study about this? Thank you.

    Reply: Try reviewing books on grammar and writing style. Good luck!

  17. hi sir/maam, i am a mass comm student from pangasinan, i am trying to find research materials for these kinds of erroneous posts/signages, please recommend a website of such, thank you and God Bless!

    Reply: A quick Google search should do the trick. Feel free to use (with proper credit, of course) any of the “funny signs” entries in this blog for your project. Good luck!

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