My views on campus journalism and Philippine Collegian

I checked my email account’s “Sent” folder today for old messages worth keeping and deleting. And before I delete this old message, I’d like to share with you an email interview I gave to a journalism student last March 27 who was writing her paper on campus journalism for a Sociology course she was taking.

Philippine Collegian masthead (retrieved from

What is the role of the student paper in the university educational system? In particular, how does the Philippine Collegian figure into the University of the Philippines?

The student paper serves as a major venue for the exercise of campus press freedom. Through the student paper, both the campus journalists and the target audience appreciate the role of the press in shaping public opinion and the importance of maintaining the highest standards of practice of the journalism profession. The Philippine Collegian, I think, has the richest and most colorful tradition of campus journalism in the country since its analyses of issues, particularly during the dark days of martial law, are valued even by the so-called professional journalists.

What is the role and importance of the campus press in the national political and social system?

The campus press serves as the voice of the students in particular and the youth in general (if we were to include here the out-of-school ones). History has shown that the youth play a major role in the shaping of history, as in the case of the Cultural Revolution in China and even in the 1896 Revolution in the Philippines. In today’s setting, the campus press can help strengthen the youth and student movement and consequently foment social change.

How does the campus press differentiate itself from the other sources of information in the university?

The slant of the campus press (or, to be more precise, student publications) is theoretically for the youth. It is expected to maintain fairness and objectivity but at the same time use the perspective of the youth in analyzing the local, national and international situations. The mainstream media, except for specialized publications and programs that cater to the youth, cannot be expected to have that kind of slant that is inherently biased for the youth.

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  1. hi. do you have a blog about the local literature and local studies on student publication in universities in the philippines. I really need one for my reseacrh. tnx

    Reply: The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) comes out with a regular “state of the campus press” though the latest one may not be available online. There are also studies made by Bulatlat on this topic. Kindly go to their respective websites. I am sorry if I cannot provide you the hyperlinks as your teacher would appreciate it more if you do the research yourself. Good luck.

  2. wala nan hinahanap ko d2… kainis!!!

    Sagot: Bago ka mainis, mainam na maging malinaw ka kung ano’ng hinahanap mo. Salamat.

  3. sir, wala ka po bang naisulat na article o libro about campus press? salamat po.

    Sagot: Marami akong naisulat na artikulo tungkol sa campus press. Gamitin mo lang ang search engine ng blog na ito. Puwede mo ring bisitahin ang main website kong Salamat.

  4. kule po ba yung unang campus pub sa pilipinas? salamat po.

    Sagot: Malalaman mo ang sagot kung sasaliksikin mo ang mahahalagang datos tungkol sa mga pangunahing unibersidad sa Pilipinas. Malinaw na ang UP na itinatag noong 1908 ay hindi kauna-unahang unibersidad sa ating bansa. Mula roon ay malalaman mo kung ano ang unang publikasyong pang-kampus sa ating bansa.

  5. can you give me a conceptual framework of students awareness of national political consciousness/ awareness. Hoe do students come up with the idea of political consciousness. Thank you. Your reply will help my research about official campus newspapers.

    Reply: The framework depends on the formulation of your statement of the problem and objectives. In any case, you may consider Political Economy as analytical framework. Other theories related to Sociology could also be helpful. Good luck.

  6. can you give me some hint (or topics which I can construct into an article) on how to at least lessen passivity among my fellow students in our campus? kasi po me and my staffers are trying to recruit some students writers but unfortunately, hanggang ngaun, kaunti pa lang nakukuha namin.

    Reply: You can try writing about national issues like wage increase and how these issues affect the lives of students. You can also opt for a more popular approach of writing specific local concerns like stinking toilets or lack of equipment and then ask students what they think about them. Try your best to make your publication more interactive by allowing ample space for feedback. Having a website or profiles in social networking sites can also work wonders to increase the popularity of your publication to your schoolmates, thereby making more probable the recruitment of more writers. Good luck!

  7. hi! im a mass communication student! could you please elaborate more on your topic which is campus journalism or campus press? please? thank you so much!

    Reply: I would appreciate it if you would be more specific as to what kind of elaboration you want regarding campus journalism. Thanks.

  8. how do you think students from accountancy courses view campus journalism?

    Reply: I think they are in a better position to answer your question, and I can only hope that campus journalism is given the importance it deserves regardless of one’s discipline. Thank you for asking.

  9. Do you have other related literature about campus journalism? I really find hard searching for my term paper. Hope you’ll bear with me. (If you have recommendation, kindly include the site address.) Thank You!

    Reply: Most of what I have are hard copies. You can start with the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 and past issues of Guilder, official publication of CEGP. Much as I would like to lead you to the URL of relevant sites, I think your teacher would appreciate it more if you would exert that extra effort to search the Net yourself. Good luck on your research.

  10. hi this is mimi again,,, okay ill be specific now. could you please give me a related local study on campus journal readership and preferences? we are looking for related literature of campus journalism,,, thank you! we are hoping for your positive reply…

    Reply: Try contacting the UP CMC Department of Communication Research regarding the readership survey it did on the Philippine Collegian and other publications in UP. I think it can help you a lot. Thanks.

  11. hello there!.
    i am classmate of ms. maranan..
    were looking for sites about campus journalism.
    do you have any?.
    please help us..thank you so much

    Reply: The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) has a website. Do visit it for your data needs. Thanks.

  12. tanong ko lang po sana kung against kayo sa pagkakaroon ng adviser ang mga students publications? at bakit po kayo against if ever..tnx..

    Sagot: Malalaman mo ang aking paninindigan kung babasahin mo ang iba pang entries sa blog na ito. Salamat.

  13. Hi! how come that the mass media affects the general welfare of the society to the extent that it infuences intellectualy, moraly and mentaly the people of the community and even could change their outlooks in life? Could you explain briefly what is the role of journalism in the lives of people and especially to the students undertaking in the field of mass communication? tnks. Godbless.

    Reply: Your questions require a lengthy explanation. But the long and short of it is this: A person or institution that needs to send a message to as many people as possible needs the mass media. Journalism is that aspect of mass media where relevant information is provided to audiences with the end-view of shaping public opinion. Audiences have the option to accept, reject or ignore whatever information they get from the mass media. Hope this short explanation helps.

  14. What do you think could be the best feature aside from the issues regarding the political entities, poverty rate or even what the philippines and the world are now experiencing about the great crisis at present? How if we’ll talk and concentrate more about our youth, us, who are the foundation of the state, who will continue to manage and approach the legacy of the present time going into the future? Hindi ba’t mas mahalaga ang pagpapahalaga sa ating mga kabataan lalong lalo na at bumababa na ang kapasidad at moralidad ng bawat kabataang pilipino upang tahakin ang mas matitindi pang undertakings? maaari mo po ba akong mabigyan ng sapat na impormasyon sa bagay na ito. Salamat. Godbless.

    Just because you will write about the youth does not mean that you will not anymore discuss social reality. For a feature article to be relevant, it should relate the personal with the political. You can try doing a human interest article on a student, for example, to discuss how the latter is affected by the low wages of his or her parents. From there, readers can better appreciate the need to increase wages, as well as realize that the struggle for higher wages is not just the concern of workers but also other sectors like the youth. Good luck on your article.

  15. Hi! Could you please give me idea kung paano i-relate ang campus journalism sa educational management? My adviser in educational management wants me to research on the state of campus journalism in selected universities pero parang nangangapa ako kung ano ang magandang direksiyon ng research ko. I want to research on campus journalsim pero di ko alam kung ano ang pinakamagandang topic/issue to research on. Suggestions please. Thanks.

    Reply: You may try looking at how the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 is actually implemented or interpreted by school administrators. If you do your research well, you’ll find out that the law which is supposed to protect campus press freedom is sometimes used to suppress it. This is worth analyzing, I think? Good luck on your research.

  16. hi! i’m a BSBA student and we have a Campus Journalism. i was nervous in this subj coz our prof require us to make our own newspaper. can u give me some tips or encouragement… tnx…

    Reply: Any task is not hard if you put your mind into it. You only need to focus and to change your attitude towards writing and print production. There are a lot of references you can use to improve your writing style.

    You can also attend journalism workshops like the ones I conduct so that you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. I think a good project would be to organize one at your school. Good luck on your studies.

  17. sa inyo pong opinion bkit ang campus journalism ay hayagan ng bawat pulitikal, sosyal at moral na kamalian at katotohanan.? tnx….

    Sagot: Ang peryodismo sa pangkalahatan ay dapat na naghahayag ng katotohanan at tumutulong sa pagmumulat ng sambayanan. Pangunahing tungkulin kasi ng isang peryodista ang paglalahad ng makabuluhang impormasyon sa paraang maiintindihan ng mga tagatangkilik ng midya. Ang peryodismong pangkampus (campus journalism) sa Pilipinas ay may mayamang kasaysayan ng pagmumulat lalo na noong panahon ng Batas Militar. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit nabibilang sa tinaguriang “alternatibong midya” ang maraming pahayagang pangkampus dahil sa kritikal nitong pagsusuri sa mga nangyayari sa ating lipunan.

  18. sa inyo pong palagay anu b yung positibo at negatibong epekto ng kampus journalismo bilang malayang pahayagan ng bawat pulitikal, sosyal at moral

    Sagot: Hindi malinaw ang iyong tanong. Kailangan mong tandaang napakalawak ng saklaw ng peryodismong pangkampus. Anong klaseng “pulitikal, panlipunan at moral” ang tinutukoy mo?

  19. ano po baung mga types of news? pati po ung kanilang functions? thank you po

    Sagot: Nasa mga libro sa peryodismo ang sagot sa mga tanong mo. Maaari mong hingin ang opinyon ko tungkol sa mga nasaliksik mo. Salamat.

  20. Para kay Binibining Evita: news based on structure:straight news, news feature, fact story, at quite story. Other types :depth news dev Com Interpretative reporting and Science Writing sana nakatulong ehehe. And dun kay joyce The coconut ang unang school paper 1911-1912….

    Sagot: Maraming salamat sa pagbibigay ng impormasyon. Ang lahat ng ito’y madaling makita sa mga sanggunian kung masipag magsaliksik tulad mo.

  21. Greetings to whoever may read this! I am a college student right now. I’ve just resumed publications work after being inactive when I was in high school. Sir, I appreciate the contents of your website and your sharing information with students like me who are very interested to express ourselves through writing. You are right, sir: The youth play a huge part with regard to any local or international issues. How come most of the people don’t give importance to political issues which should be their collective concern? Thank you, sir! May you influence others the way you have influenced me.

    Reply: Thank you for your kind words. I hope you don’t mind if I took the liberty of editing your comment to correct certain mistakes in grammar, syntax and diction. Rest assured that your message remains the same. At any rate, I wish you all the best in your studies.

  22. How has the history of Phil.PRESS AFFECT TODAY’S JOURNALISM?
    hehehehehe!!!!!! bongga kasi tong prof ko sa major..Masyadong matanong HAi reaction paper na naman…by da way i am an AB Communication student at La Salle ….ANSWER MY QUESTIUONS PLSS….

    thank you!!!
    09267121509 …NUmber ko yan…fwends tau hehehe

    Reply: Your question is very broad so I can only provide a general response: The Philippine press today is a reflection of its past. There is no qualitative difference in terms of ownership and operations. Even if technological developments resulted in changes in the production of news outputs for print and broadcast, as well as introduced online media, the same ethical and professional standards remain.

    P.S.: I am scheduled to speak at your school tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

  23. Hi! I would like to ask you what is the importance of campus journalism to students life? thanks!

    Reply: It is important for the following reasons: (1) Students have the opportunity to hone their writing and other skills related to journalism (e.g., editing, photography, as well as design and layout); (2) Students learn through the practice of campus journalism the highest ethical and professional standards of the profession; and (3) Students realize the role of journalism in national development, particularly the shaping of public opinion.

  24. I’m Shiela from Nueva Vizcaya State University. May I ask what might be a possible timely theme for our June-September 2009 issue?

    Reply: Your campus publication should have been published two months ago as the issue should be off-the-press on the exact month (in this case June) or even before. At any rate, your issue could focus on important events in September, whether in the Philippines in general or Nueva Vizcaya in particular. The commemoration of Martial Law comes to mind, but I’m sure you could think of others.

  25. Good day, sir. Our school paper comes out, unfortunately, only annually. Our adviser said that this year, we’ll have a double truck on the youth’s role in the 2010 elections. Can you give us ideas on which things to discuss here? Parang, the title ata po will be “YOU can make a difference.” Is it alright to include some figures (e.g. youth vote turnout) and reactions by people from various sectors? Thank you, sir. By the way, high school paper po ito. :)

    Reply: I think it’s perfectly fine (and even advisable) to provide relevant macro-level statistics and other relevant information. You should not, however, forget that as a campus publication, it should discuss issues and concerns like the elections in relation to the situation of your school and what the students can do. The basic questions that must be answered are the following: How will the holding or non-holding of elections affect your school in particular? What can students of your school do to raise the level of awareness of your community so that its residents can vote responsibly? Answering those two questions comprehensively can make your issue relevant. Good luck and all the best!

  26. Thanks a lot, sir. By the way, we’ll be having something like “10 things that you can do to ensure successful elections.” And we are considering getting two celebrities, who are considered as youth role models, to add star power to the pages. What can you say po about Sam Concepcion (DepEd ambassador to the youth) and Bianca Gonzalez (YSpeak hostess)? Salamat po. :)

    Reply: You’re welcome. I think they are good choices. You may also consider including some of your successful alumni.

  27. Thank you for your help, sir. Our high school department, though, is only three-years-old so we don’t have any successful alumni yet. Hehe. Thanks again po. Please pray for us.

  28. thank u.. this is a great help 4 us students especially dat we`re conducting a research about d awareness of students on campus journalism..

    Reply: You’re welcome.

  29. i am from UPVTC, do u have any post regarding the negative criticisms about up students. because many people have commented that in general, up students are undisciplined, arrogant, disrespectful, boastful and rude. I personally disagree with these comments. what is your opinion about this? how would you describe a typical UP student? and what do you think are some traits should a typical UP student possess?

    (i will be delivering a speech of this sort, hope your opinion will be of great help. thanks. more power for your publication.)

    Reply: UP is said to be the country’s premier state university (or national university, if you may) so one expects that only the best and the brightest would study there. From my almost 15-year experience teaching at UP (six years part-time, eight years and counting full-time), most of the students are intelligent and driven. With the exception of a few students who do not live up to the highest academic standards and end up getting a failing grade, I could say that the students have contributed a lot to maintaining the national and international standing of UP. Nevertheless, I have noticed that the commitment to serve the people, especially the marginalized sectors of society, is not so evident in many of these intelligent students. Perhaps their class origin affects their mindset, and this is where the issue of UP’s high tuition and problems in the admissions process would come in. There is an inherent weakness right now in getting poor but deserving students from, say, remote rural areas. Even if they do get admitted, they still cannot afford the high tuition at UP. Instead of looking at its students, it is much better to analyze UP as an institution given the commercialization that’s happening on campus.

  30. Gd pm.Can you please help me on related literature/studies about campus journalism adviser: Their knowledge,skill,work values and work attitudes.thank you


    Reply: The basic reference is the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 where the role of the faculty adviser is clearly stipulated at the basic education and tertiary levels. Please also refer to the “Related Posts” in this blog entry to read the nature and orientation of student publications. Thank you.

  31. gd pm. meron po ba kayong compilation ng related lit at related studies about knowledge,skills,work values and work attitude of campus paper adviser? Kung meron, paki-forward sa email ko. pls yon kasi ang research ko. thanks in advance.


    Sagot: Bukod sa dalawang-pahinang CJA, puwede mong basahin ang IRR o implementing rules and regulations ng batas na ito. Naroon ang hinahanap mong datos.

  32. Hi,

    I would like to ask your favorable stand in the theme of this years Regional Tertiary Press Conference Competition,
    Quality Campus Journalism towards Social Development…

    Please I need Your help,.,.,


    Reply: I’m sorry but I do not understand the nature of your request. Could you please be more specific? For example, what “favorable stand” are you referring to? What kind of “help” do you need? Thank you.

  33. Good evening po.

    I’m planning to start a campus journalist online site. The said site will contain all the possible information about campus journalism in the philippines. OK lang po ba sa inyo na ang mga articles nyo na related dito ay ilagay ko sa site na yon citing your site with links to the specific page?

    For your approval po.

    Reply: Okay. Thanks!

  34. meron po ba kaung articles at speeches tungkol sa role ng kabataan sa 2010 election..?

    Sagot: Paki-basa lang ang mga artikulong sinulat ko sa unang bahagi ng 2007 na naka-post sa blog na ito. Salamat.

  35. good afternoon:)
    can you please answer this question:

    How far will you go to chase the story?

    Reply: A journalist should observe the highest professional and ethical standards in news gathering. He or she should continue researching until the truth comes out. Lastly, a journalist must remember that no story is worth dying for, because he or she needs to live another day to tell yet another story.

  36. can you please help me: does the campus paper experience the same problems as in the Philippine press? thanks!

    Reply: The campus press is part of the Philippine press. Perhaps what you want to ask is if campus journalists encounter the same problems as their “professional” counterparts. The answer is yes for the simple reason that they are both responsible for the shaping of public opinion. They are therefore similarly accountable to their respective audiences.

  37. sir,

    enrolled po ako ngaun sa campus journalism class and our professor asked us to get the key points of RA 7079. nalilito po kasi ako sa keypoints lalo at ito ay isang batas ibig sabihin lahat ng nakalagay rito ay key points. tama po ba ang pagkakaunawa ko?
    maraming salamat po pala at mayroon educational blog tulad nito… keep up the good work sir

    Reply: Key points refer to the highlights, so in this case your assignment is to analyze the salient provisions of the Campus Journalism Act. In other words, you should identify the specific points in the law that have an effect on campus press freedom and student rights, among other issues. You should also be ready to discuss the implications of such provisions. Good luck!

  38. Good day sir..

    Ask ko lang po sana kung may sample editorial writing kayo for a newly founded school publication…
    kakatayo lang kase ng school pub namin, i need an editorial for this.

    Please reply sa e-add ko ..,

    Thanks and more power..

    Sagot: Mainam na bisitahin mo ang website ng Philippine Collegian ( para mabasa ang ilang editoryal nito. Salamat.

  39. hello! good day po. wede po ba kayo magbigay ng tips para mas maging mabisa yung agsulat po ng editoryal? salamat po. :)

    Sagot: Kailangang alam mo ang isyu para mas masuri mo ito nang malalim. Ang epektibong editoryal ay may malinaw ang paninindigan sa anumang paksang tinatalakay nito.

  40. sir do you have any knowledge of how can a journalist be a catalyst for social change of the country?

    Reply: For as long as a journalist upholds the highest professional and ethical standards, he or she could be effective in helping bring about social change through informative and socially relevant works.

  41. hi sir, i just joined our campus journal, actually my friends forced me to… i don’t have any background in journalism and i just found out may subject plang ganun sa ibang schools, wla po kaming subject na ganon sa school namin, anyway they’re giving me a week to finish 4 articles so i’m just wondering can you give me any guidelines or advises how to be an instant journalist.

    Please help me. Can you reply on my e-mail, thanks so much!

    Reply: One cannot be an “instant” journalist in the sense the it takes time to learn the knowledge and skills, including the professional and ethical standards. You can start by reading journalism textbooks, particularly the style books of news media organizations. The ones by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Associated Press and New York Times are very informative. Try to also read The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. Good luck!

  42. what is the essence of campus journalism?

    Reply: In a nutshell, the essence of campus journalism is to help in the shaping of public opinion by providing relevant information. Thank you for asking.

  43. good morning sir.. do you have anything on factors hindering the publication of campus newspapers? it is for thesis purposes.. thank you..

    Reply: Try reading the Campus Journalism Act of 1991. There are cases where this law is used, ironically, to suppress campus press freedom.

  44. Gud pm .. i would just like to ask ur opnion abt Campus journalism : championing ethics in social media

    Reply: I would appreciate it if you would ask more specific questions. Thank you.

  45. sir would u please help me elaborate the meaning of this: “Campus Journalism: Championing Ethics in Social Media”.Thank u

    Reply: Adherence to journalism ethics rests on one’s understanding of the highest standards of the profession. Campus journalism could be a good training ground for future practitioners.

  46. hello sir, i am from san roque national high school at bamban, tarlac and required to submit a research paper with a topic of The Role of Campus Journalism in the School Community. I’m just hoping if you can give me an introduction regarding my topic. your help is very much appreciated, thank you.

    Reply: I’m sorry but I can only write a short introduction to a paper once the latter is finished. Feel free to email to me your paper and I will gladly accommodate your request, provided that the introduction is only 500 words or less. Thank you.

  47. hello sir. i am a 3rd year journalism student of Bicol University. i am currently working on a my thesis entitled:
    can you give me some important insights on this po? or might as well share some relevant posts and web linkages. thank you sir:)

    Reply: I suggest that you read the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 and the proposed Campus Press Freedom Act currently pending in the House of Representatives. Good luck.

  48. Ano po ang katuturan ng ulo ng balita?

    Sagot: Ang lead o ulo ng balita ang nagbibigay ng pinakaimportanteng impormasyon. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ang isang balita ay kadalasang sumusunod sa format na “inverted pyramid.” Ang presentasyon ng datos at pagsusuri ay batay sa kahalagahan.

  49. good day po. i am currently working on my thesis entitled “involvement in school publications: its impact on communication skills, leadership and values formation” .. i need po some related lits and studies but i am having a hard time looking for some.. i would appreciate it if you would help me by sending me some url or anything which could be of help.. which would be cited in my chapter 2.. thanks po and more power.

    Reply: Kindly do a quick search of “campus journalism” in this blog and feel free to use as reference some of my writings on the topic. Good luck on your research.

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